Schindler Elevator: How it was created and how it changed me

The Schindlers: The Final Destination remake is one of the most controversial films of the year.It’s not just the film’s portrayal of a man who’s been driven mad by an evil plan, but the story itself.For most people, it’s a familiar plot.For others, it’ll be a difficult task to wrap their heads around.The film’s director, […]

How to upgrade your bedframe from a 3D printer to a flat-panel one

Updated June 15, 2018 5:56pm The next time you look at your home theater system, you’ll likely be wondering, “What’s in there?” and “What is it made of?”If you’ve ever been to a party and found yourself wondering, what’s in the box?What’s in that box?What’s it made from?You may have seen some products like Lego […]

How to earn seven eleven rewards for a seven-times-greater-than-average score in Elevated Church

Elevated is a game about elevating your game to new heights.You start out with a simple gamepad controller, a microphone, a set of headphones, and some simple instructions to start.After you pick a difficulty level, you’re given the choice to start with one of four different ways to go about it: play on one of […]