California springs to record elevation, hemoglobin levels after drought

Posted September 24, 2018 07:01:13It’s been a tough year for California’s aquifer.A drought has devastated the state’s aquifers, leading to the worst drought in California’s recorded history.And the snowpack, the lifeline of the state, has also been declining.But the state has had some good news: A new study published this week shows that the state […]

How to ride a GMC Sierra Elevation

GMC’s Sierra Elevate has the highest elevation gain of any mountain bike trail in the world, with a maximum of 2,200 feet at its base.But while the bike is an impressive accomplishment, it’s the ascent itself that really makes it unique.The bike is built on a modified GMC XC-4 fork, with GMC Racing Engineering’s G2 […]

How much did the Santa Fe Mountains elevation rise in 2016?

The National Elevation Network (NEN) is a network of sensors in New Mexico and Colorado that collect information about the elevation of each point on the globe.A GPS tracking station on the Sierra Nevada peaks provides a record of elevation changes since 1900.But the data has been missing from a recent National Climatic Data Center […]