When Arizona’s Flagstaff Elevator Pitch Is Called Out by Elevator Owners

Flagstaff, Arizona – Flagstaff is an Arizona suburb, and it has been the scene of a lot of drama and controversy.The city of about 13,000 people, home to a population of about 7,000, is known for its ski resorts, high-rise apartments and, of course, the elevation.On the south side of Flagstaff sits a small town […]

How to fix an elevation of alkaline carbon dioxide in your home

Elevated CO2 can make your house smell and feel “like an attic” or even cause it to collapse, according to a new study.But it can also lead to other problems, including an elevation in the pH of your home’s water.In this case, elevation in CO2 could lead to alkaline bubbles in your water.“This is one […]

How does altitude affect your blood pressure?

Posted May 25, 2018 12:25:33 When it comes to blood pressure management, the top three factors are elevation, elevation by address and elevation by elevation by altitude.“A little elevation at the top of the body can be good,” says Dr. Jennifer McKeon, medical director of the National Center for Chronic Lower Extremity Medicine at Mount […]