What to Know about Outkast Elevators, the New Orleans Elevators Outkasts Elevator Company

It’s the kind of thing that would make anyone feel like they were at a spa.A white plastic elevator sits in a corner of a cramped, empty space on the first floor of the New Orleanian Hotel.The elevators are for guests who need to access the hotel’s lobby and the lobby of the nearby hotel.Inside, […]

The most powerful house in America: The House of 11, Outkast Elevators

The House at the top of the hill in Denver’s Rocky Mountains is not your average American house.It’s the home of Outkasts Elevators.Built in 1989, it’s the tallest elevator in the world and the tallest of a line of elevators that includes a few hundred in Europe.When the elevators went down in 2015, a huge […]