What is the first thing you learn from an 11th-century Indian text?

The first thing to do when reading an ancient Indian text is to take a deep breath, read it for a while, and try to process it.The process of interpreting ancient texts, as well as the processes of translation and revision, is one of the most difficult parts of learning to read and write in […]

Which cities have the most active liver enzymes?

Toronto, ON, October 11, 2018 – A new study from researchers at McGill University and Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) reveals that people in the heart of Canada’s wealthiest cities are most likely to be liver-healthy, as are those living in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.In fact, they are the only cities in the country […]

The Seven Wonders of Vizio

This is a guest post from Zachary Bissonnette, a video editor and photographer.He’s also the creator of the video “7 Wonders of the Internet.”