High-speed internet speeds are about to drop, but are we prepared?

EMI Research has released a report, The Big Short: The Rise and Fall of High-Speed Internet, which warns that the transition from fibre to 3G/4G is “in some ways a slow process”, and warns that there is a “potential for a short period of uncertainty” about when the transition will be complete.The report highlights the […]

Why Uber is raising its pitch for jobs in California

Uber is trying to woo more than just the tech industry.Uber wants to fill a growing need for transportation in California, where the state has the second-highest number of Uber drivers, and the company has already offered incentives to attract workers.The company says it’s already seen a surge in the number of workers looking for […]

What to know about the earthquake that killed at least eight people in the Colorado area

Eleven Mile Reservoir in central Colorado suffered the worst quake in the U.S. this week, according to a U.N. report.The quake struck at 5:49 p.m.(10:49 a.m., Friday) at a depth of 3.9 miles (5.3 kilometers).It was one of two quakes in a region that includes the towns of Tenaha and Colorado Springs.The U.K.-based International Earthquake […]