How to make a cool elevator mechanic and get rich

How to hire an elevator mechanic, how to build a cool one, and how to get rich with elevator mechanics, which are all pretty simple tasks, according to the experts.If you’ve been wondering how to do it, here’s the easy guide.How to hire elevator mechanicsThe most basic and basic elevator mechanic is the “machining station” […]

Elevator Mechanic’s salary rises to £14 an hour

Elevator mechanic James Baker has his salary raised by £4.5 an hour, to £15 an hour.Baker was due to be paid £14.50 an hour by the end of May, the National Union of Elevator Managers (NUA) has said.Baker, 43, started working in the elevator industry in 1985 and moved to the UK in 2007.Baker said […]

Which companies have the highest pay packages in the elevator industry?

It’s a familiar story.Employees at elevators in New York and California are paid on a sliding scale based on their experience, according to the National Labor Relations Board, and those who make the top-five percent earn nearly a million dollars a year, according the American Bar Association.It’s the job of the company to pay their […]