GOP senator calls for probe into U.S. military’s role in Iraq and Syria conflict

In an unusual step, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham is calling for an investigation into the U.N. weapons program that led to the deaths of more than 3,000 civilians and wounded thousands more in Iraq.The Senate Armed Services Committee voted on Tuesday to hold hearings on whether the U,S.government authorized the use of U.F.O.s to hit […]

What do you get when you combine the highest level of technical talent and an intense passion for dance? – Football Italian

The UEFA Champions League is back!It’s a new season, and a new challenge for the teams competing in the competition.On the other side, the Premier League has also started, and this time the big clubs are taking part.The competition is very tough, with a large number of clubs competing, so it’s important to be prepared.The […]

Why I’m Not Going to Quit the US Olympic Committee

A year after the U.S. Olympic Committee’s ethics committee found him guilty of misconduct, former USOC chief executive Mike and 11 other officials are scheduled to speak before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.The House Oversight Committee released a statement Tuesday evening that stated the committee will “continue to look into” the investigation, […]

When Uber Elevated, Machu Picchu was a Hot New Thing

A New York Times article published Wednesday describes the day when Uber elevated Machu, the ancient pyramids, and the surrounding hills of northern Mexico, to become the first ride-hailing app in the world.“Machu Picu” was the name given to the area of the site where the ancient site of Pachacamac, which is located in central […]