Which dietary supplements increase blood lactate and reduce the risk of neutrophil hypoxia?

High levels of lactate are a sign of increased neutrophilic activity in the blood.When this occurs, neutrophilia can be seen in the lymph nodes, lungs, blood vessels, and even the brain.Lactate is produced by neutrophiles in the small intestines, so the increased production of lactates can increase the rate of neutrosyphilis in humans.In fact, lactate […]

Why is the Boulder colorado plateau so dark?

The Boulder Colorado plateau, an ancient natural monument that sits at the base of the Rocky Mountains, is currently undergoing a dramatic change in elevation.In just a few years, the plateau has been slowly rising from its natural position, with the elevation at its highest point at 6,739 feet.That means that the plateau is actually […]

RTÉ chief calls for the resignation of a senior politician after RTÉ’s coverage of the Paris attacks

RTÉ has been criticised for covering the Paris terror attacks in a way that did not support the victims, despite its own report stating it had not been accurate.Speaking to RTÉ News on Tuesday, RTÉ Chief Executive Barry O’Sullivan said he had spoken to the head of the RTÉ board of directors and was also […]

Aero-fitness to the max

With all the talk of increasing fitness, the latest from Italian football is an excellent reminder that the elite players of the past will continue to perform better than ever in the future.FIFA World Ranking 2015 has been released today and while the rankings are still rather subjective, they do give a pretty good idea […]