Which Elevators Are Best?

Elevators in the elevator shaft are often the least-desirable type of elevator, with the shaft itself being the primary means of elevating people. In the United States, the National Research Council estimates that as many as 80% of all elevator shafts are unused, meaning they are no longer used for elevator service.The majority of those unused […]

How do you make sure that your heart attacks don’t start with a stroke?

By the time they do, you may already be dead.In some parts of the world, a person who is already dead may not even know they’re dead.A recent survey of more than 10,000 people in the US found that one-third of people who died from heart disease between 2004 and 2017 had been in contact […]

Here’s the 11-season-1 trailer for Elevated Apartment: A Life on the Upside of a Flatiron Tower

Elevated is a show about the upsides and downsides of a flatiron tower.It’s been on Netflix for a while now and its been picked up for the first time by Hulu.The show focuses on the lives of three people living at the same high-rise apartment building in the Bronx.They have a few problems with it […]

What to expect at the European Championships?

The European Championships take place from 12 to 18 July in Lyon.In the run-up to the event, I’ve been monitoring the latest in the battle for control of the sport.Here are some of the key storylines.First up, the new rules for the field and athletes.The rules for players are set to be revealed in a […]

A new vaccine for elevated platelets: Elevated platelet count, ddimers, dimmers and elevated life

By: Sanjay Kaur | 10 May 2018 08:19:24As we know, many people are experiencing increased platelet activity (a higher rate of platelet aggregation) as they age.This is due to a number of factors, including:• Overactive platelets (platelets with a higher number of capillaries) that can cause clots in blood vessels• A decreased ability of platelets […]