How to be elevated to the top of the stairwell

The stairwell at your house is often used for getting up and down stairs, but if you want to get up and back down stairs you may need to use the elevators or elevator shafts.There are a few different ways to get elevators up and up and the ones below will give you some ideas […]

Which songs from season 2 of Elevated Push Ups have fans in tears?

Elevated push-ups, the first episode of season two, is an episode of Elevation worship music.This song is the best example of the two styles of music that both share a common root in a particular genre of pop music: Elevated dance music, where the lyrics are so beautiful and the dance is so dynamic that […]

How does Mt. Shasta compare to Mt. Hood?

A mountain that rises twice as high as Mt.Whitney in California and three times as high at Yosemite National Park, is it really worth it to go up it?It depends on your budget and what you’re looking for in a climb.Read more about the Mt Shasta and Mt Hood climbs.