High-speed internet speeds are about to drop, but are we prepared?

EMI Research has released a report, The Big Short: The Rise and Fall of High-Speed Internet, which warns that the transition from fibre to 3G/4G is “in some ways a slow process”, and warns that there is a “potential for a short period of uncertainty” about when the transition will be complete.The report highlights the […]

Schindler Elevator: How it was created and how it changed me

The Schindlers: The Final Destination remake is one of the most controversial films of the year.It’s not just the film’s portrayal of a man who’s been driven mad by an evil plan, but the story itself.For most people, it’s a familiar plot.For others, it’ll be a difficult task to wrap their heads around.The film’s director, […]

How to beat the heart rate monitor

Elevator companies are getting a lot of attention lately, but they’re also one of the most overlooked groups of the energy industry.Elevator operators are using smart technology to help them measure and respond to heart rate changes as they work the halls.One of the companies that’s using this tech is Elevator Supply, and it recently […]