How to treat a headache, even if it’s not your own

The most common way to get your headache is to take medication that relieves the pressure caused by a headache.That doesn’t help if you have an elevated blood pressure or have a weakened heart.But for many people, there’s a way to prevent a headache by lowering blood pressure and keeping it at normal.How to treat […]

Why You Need to Elevate Your Blood Pressure for Your Erectile Function

Posted November 20, 2019 11:58:38You have probably heard about elevated blood pressure, the condition that causes the heart to beat faster and cause blood to flow more easily.If your blood pressure goes up, it’s possible that you’ll have difficulty maintaining a good erection, and that could have an impact on how well you enjoy sex.But […]

Why are some people so depressed and sick?

People are sick of the idea that the world is just a place to be, that they have no right to control it, and that there is nothing wrong with being depressed and having health issues.This idea that they can control things by taking control of their own lives is the ultimate source of their […]

How does altitude affect your blood pressure?

Posted May 25, 2018 12:25:33 When it comes to blood pressure management, the top three factors are elevation, elevation by address and elevation by elevation by altitude.“A little elevation at the top of the body can be good,” says Dr. Jennifer McKeon, medical director of the National Center for Chronic Lower Extremity Medicine at Mount […]