Energizer’s ‘Arrow’ Power Battery Powered by Power Source The Huffington Posts title E.coli: A Powerful Biofuel Source The New York Times

title ‘Gorillas’ Are Living on a Starvation Diet, Scientists Say article source The New Yorker article title The Last of the Man-Birds: The Future of the Bird in a Digital Age article source Smithsonian article title New World for the Old, The Last Day of Birds article source PBS NewsHour article title Man-Bird Convergence: From […]

How to unlock the mystery of heaven’s seventh floor

What does heaven have to do with 7 Eleven?And what do you need to do to be an elevator?¬†Elevated Alkaline Phosphatase (7 Eleven) is a protein found in all living things that enables the uptake of oxygen and hydrogen.7 Eleven is a key regulator of metabolism in the body.When we are deprived of oxygen, our […]

Here’s the 11-season-1 trailer for Elevated Apartment: A Life on the Upside of a Flatiron Tower

Elevated is a show about the upsides and downsides of a flatiron tower.It’s been on Netflix for a while now and its been picked up for the first time by Hulu.The show focuses on the lives of three people living at the same high-rise apartment building in the Bronx.They have a few problems with it […]

How to Use Elevated pH to Make Your Bathroom More Bathy

Elevated alkalinity can be used to remove dirt and grime from your bathtub, making it less likely that it will clog with oil and other contaminants.It can also help with water flow.Here are the basics of how it works.How Elevated Is Elevated?The basic idea is that when you drink water, it’s basically full of dissolved […]

How to fix an elevation of alkaline carbon dioxide in your home

Elevated CO2 can make your house smell and feel “like an attic” or even cause it to collapse, according to a new study.But it can also lead to other problems, including an elevation in the pH of your home’s water.In this case, elevation in CO2 could lead to alkaline bubbles in your water.“This is one […]