When a tower falls: An interactive interactive map of the Mt. Hood wildfire

Six years ago, an employee at an outdoor furniture store in Tallahassee called the police when he noticed a “blackish smoke” coming from a building in the city’s northeast.It was the kind of smoke that you would see in a coal mine.The blaze was spreading at a rate of 1,000 acres per minute, and the […]

How to fix an elevation of alkaline carbon dioxide in your home

Elevated CO2 can make your house smell and feel “like an attic” or even cause it to collapse, according to a new study.But it can also lead to other problems, including an elevation in the pH of your home’s water.In this case, elevation in CO2 could lead to alkaline bubbles in your water.“This is one […]

When You Need a Lactic Acid Diet for Your Child

I am an exercise physiologist who works with children and adolescents in Los Angeles.My work includes designing the best workout equipment for kids who have a hard time with exercise.But I have also been working with children with elevated lactic-acid levels for the past two decades.A recent article in The New England Journal of Medicine […]