Which of the two is the most elevated in Brecken Ridge?

Posted November 15, 2018 08:09:48 The top of Breck, the crest of Mount Breck in the Sierra Nevada, is the highest in the country, according to a study published Wednesday by the United States Geological Survey.The top is the one at the top of the tallest peak in the United Kingdom, at 5,100 feet (1,072 […]

A new trend in Israeli-Palestinian relations: Elevator buttons

The Jerusalem post reports on an Israeli initiative to create a new trend: Elevators for Palestinians.“The idea is to elevate the Palestinians’ status and their rights,” says the Israeli-American journalist.“It’s a way of showing them we support them, we’re ready to help them,” he adds.In response to the elevation of Palestinians in the region, the […]

How to make the most of a big snow storm, says ‘fantastic’ photographer

“It was really good weather and it felt like the whole world was coming out of the woods and the trees were just hanging over the edge,” said Breckenridge resident Laura Bemel, adding she had never seen such a big storm.“It’s a really big storm, and we had no idea how big it was going […]