Which grain elevators in Atlanta can handle the hottest days?

The Atlanta Elevation Association has come up with its 2018 Elevation 2478 in its annual list of the world’s hottest elevators, according to an Associated Press report.It is the hottest in the country, and among the world top five.The list, released Tuesday, has the largest concentration of elevators operating in Atlanta.The Atlanta Elevator Association’s Elevation2478 […]

What Is Elevated Glycated Triglycerides?

Elevated triglyceride (EPG) is a protein that is stored in the blood stream and acts as a buffer against the effects of the triglycerides.This form of triglycerides can increase the body’s total amount of cholesterol, but also cause fatty liver.When elevated levels of EPG occur, the body releases fatty acids into the bloodstream and can […]

How much did the Santa Fe Mountains elevation rise in 2016?

The National Elevation Network (NEN) is a network of sensors in New Mexico and Colorado that collect information about the elevation of each point on the globe.A GPS tracking station on the Sierra Nevada peaks provides a record of elevation changes since 1900.But the data has been missing from a recent National Climatic Data Center […]