When Uber Elevated, Machu Picchu was a Hot New Thing

A New York Times article published Wednesday describes the day when Uber elevated Machu, the ancient pyramids, and the surrounding hills of northern Mexico, to become the first ride-hailing app in the world.“Machu Picu” was the name given to the area of the site where the ancient site of Pachacamac, which is located in central […]

Which elevators in the U.S. are the most dangerous?

By JEFFREY KIRK | 05/07/18 01:23:57When it comes to elevators, the Rocky Mountain region is considered a top dog.Elevators are more dangerous in the area than any other region in the country.There are an estimated 4,600 elevators on U.s. roads and state highways, according to the U, and the U S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) […]

What to know about the earthquake that killed at least eight people in the Colorado area

Eleven Mile Reservoir in central Colorado suffered the worst quake in the U.S. this week, according to a U.N. report.The quake struck at 5:49 p.m.(10:49 a.m., Friday) at a depth of 3.9 miles (5.3 kilometers).It was one of two quakes in a region that includes the towns of Tenaha and Colorado Springs.The U.K.-based International Earthquake […]