How to Fix the High-Risk Eosinophile of Your Water Source New York magazine title “If you can’t fix it, then you can fix it.” The best way to stop water pollution

By now, we’ve all heard the story of the polluted water coming out of the tap, the water being poisoned by a virus or bacteria or even just plain bad taste.The stories of water shortages and water-related disasters have been well documented in the news lately.The truth is that we all have the same water […]

When Google elevates labs to the next level

Google is about to let users take on a lab that’s about to go to space.The company says the Elevate Labs is a “space elevator simulator,” and that it will launch in the second half of the year.Elevate Lab will be “the first space elevator simulator on Android.”Users will be able to navigate through a […]

How to get a higher elevation in your life

Elevation worship is a form of worship, but it’s not for everyone.It’s also not a religion.It originated in India, and has since spread across the globe.Elevation worshippers worship in elevation.It includes many different beliefs, including a belief in elevating one’s life.The most popular is that elevating your spirits is a way to reach God.Here’s how […]

Why I’m Not Going to Quit the US Olympic Committee

A year after the U.S. Olympic Committee’s ethics committee found him guilty of misconduct, former USOC chief executive Mike and 11 other officials are scheduled to speak before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.The House Oversight Committee released a statement Tuesday evening that stated the committee will “continue to look into” the investigation, […]

Why are some people so depressed and sick?

People are sick of the idea that the world is just a place to be, that they have no right to control it, and that there is nothing wrong with being depressed and having health issues.This idea that they can control things by taking control of their own lives is the ultimate source of their […]

Which grain elevators in Atlanta can handle the hottest days?

The Atlanta Elevation Association has come up with its 2018 Elevation 2478 in its annual list of the world’s hottest elevators, according to an Associated Press report.It is the hottest in the country, and among the world top five.The list, released Tuesday, has the largest concentration of elevators operating in Atlanta.The Atlanta Elevator Association’s Elevation2478 […]

How to ride a GMC Sierra Elevation

GMC’s Sierra Elevate has the highest elevation gain of any mountain bike trail in the world, with a maximum of 2,200 feet at its base.But while the bike is an impressive accomplishment, it’s the ascent itself that really makes it unique.The bike is built on a modified GMC XC-4 fork, with GMC Racing Engineering’s G2 […]

How to get to the summit of Mt. Whitney in California

A little more than 1,100 miles (2,800 kilometers) from the mouth of the Colorado River, Mt.Wilson in New Mexico is a stunning feat of climbing and beauty.With a top altitude of 11,300 feet (3,400 meters), the summit is an impressive achievement that will be celebrated by many.But the summit also has a story.Mt.Webster is a […]

When a computer can’t find the right elevator: Elevator is out of service

On May 5, 2018, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission voted to raise the minimum elevator fare for public transit riders from $4.50 to $5.00.Elevator fares have not been raised since 2014, when the average San Francisco commuter paid $4, as reported by the Associated Press.This was the second time that the transit agency had […]

How to get a new, higher bed frame

The average American’s annual salary is $54,000.That’s more than double the national median of $32,000 and nearly double the average for the entire world.For those who are earning more than the national average, a new high-rise apartment may not be out of the question.But for many of us who live paycheck to paycheck, getting a […]