Joe Biden elevates ‘Elevated Life Church’ to #7 on the Billboard 200 chart, as ‘Ace of Spades’ drops from #6

Joe Biden is not one to shy away from an elevator ride.On Wednesday, the vice president and his wife Jill Biden announced the elevation of Elevated Life, a music-focused congregation in their hometown of Cincinnati.According to a press release, the congregation, which will include “a live performance by The Black Keys,” will take its music-centered […]

Which dietary supplements increase blood lactate and reduce the risk of neutrophil hypoxia?

High levels of lactate are a sign of increased neutrophilic activity in the blood.When this occurs, neutrophilia can be seen in the lymph nodes, lungs, blood vessels, and even the brain.Lactate is produced by neutrophiles in the small intestines, so the increased production of lactates can increase the rate of neutrosyphilis in humans.In fact, lactate […]

How to raise money for your dream car

You’ve already heard about Elon Musk’s plans to build a $1.9 billion luxury electric car, and now it’s your turn to get one of the first cars built at SpaceX.But before you do, there’s a catch: SpaceX is only building the first 100 electric cars.So if you’re a fan of the idea, you’ll need to […]

Which NHL players are doing more to improve their health?

On Monday, the National Hockey League Players’ Association issued a statement stating that “the players are not being treated as individuals in the workplace.”In a statement, NHLPA executive director Don Fehr said the players have been receiving “a great deal of support” from the league’s medical team since the lockout ended in November.“It’s been the […]

How to Squat and Deadlift with Leg Extension – video

The basic rules of how to squat and deadlift with your legs elevated.This video by Matt Haughey shows you how to do it properly, using your body weight as leverage.Matt Haugherty Matt Haughherty is a professional bodybuilder, personal trainer and a certified strength and conditioning coach.Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.This video was produced […]

How to beat your training at altitude

As we head into spring, the altitude challenge is not just a matter of getting stronger but also preparing yourself to do what it takes to climb higher.Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of your workouts at altitude.How do I know I’m ready to climb?It’s not always possible to tell […]

‘This is not a race’: Obama vows to ‘take care’ of vets after VA scandal

President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that he will take care of veterans as a “team player” and a leader, in response to a scandal involving his administration’s handling of veterans’ care.The remarks, at a veterans rally in San Antonio, came hours after a report from the Government Accountability Office that found the VA had […]

How to unlock the mystery of heaven’s seventh floor

What does heaven have to do with 7 Eleven?And what do you need to do to be an elevator?¬†Elevated Alkaline Phosphatase (7 Eleven) is a protein found in all living things that enables the uptake of oxygen and hydrogen.7 Eleven is a key regulator of metabolism in the body.When we are deprived of oxygen, our […]

Here’s the 11-season-1 trailer for Elevated Apartment: A Life on the Upside of a Flatiron Tower

Elevated is a show about the upsides and downsides of a flatiron tower.It’s been on Netflix for a while now and its been picked up for the first time by Hulu.The show focuses on the lives of three people living at the same high-rise apartment building in the Bronx.They have a few problems with it […]

Why You Need to Elevate Your Blood Pressure for Your Erectile Function

Posted November 20, 2019 11:58:38You have probably heard about elevated blood pressure, the condition that causes the heart to beat faster and cause blood to flow more easily.If your blood pressure goes up, it’s possible that you’ll have difficulty maintaining a good erection, and that could have an impact on how well you enjoy sex.But […]