A new trend in Israeli-Palestinian relations: Elevator buttons

The Jerusalem post reports on an Israeli initiative to create a new trend: Elevators for Palestinians.“The idea is to elevate the Palestinians’ status and their rights,” says the Israeli-American journalist.“It’s a way of showing them we support them, we’re ready to help them,” he adds.In response to the elevation of Palestinians in the region, the […]

GOP senator calls for probe into U.S. military’s role in Iraq and Syria conflict

In an unusual step, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham is calling for an investigation into the U.N. weapons program that led to the deaths of more than 3,000 civilians and wounded thousands more in Iraq.The Senate Armed Services Committee voted on Tuesday to hold hearings on whether the U,S.government authorized the use of U.F.O.s to hit […]

Five days of bliss at Cusco summit

Five days have passed since Cuscom Summit and we are here to share it with you.I am not here to celebrate or even tell you that the summit has become a reality.In fact, it was a bit of a mystery as to why it had not been achieved in the past. But, what is so special […]

How to make the elevator rise without a stair lift

Reno’s Elevator is the most famous elevator in the world and it is a very special elevator.The elevators in the Reno range have been in use for over a hundred years.This is because they have a very smooth and powerful motion.But how do they rise to the top of the elevator?We asked the experts to […]

How to Use Elevated pH to Make Your Bathroom More Bathy

Elevated alkalinity can be used to remove dirt and grime from your bathtub, making it less likely that it will clog with oil and other contaminants.It can also help with water flow.Here are the basics of how it works.How Elevated Is Elevated?The basic idea is that when you drink water, it’s basically full of dissolved […]

‘It’s just a shame’: Man in California is accused of poisoning 7-year-old with arsenic

LOS ANGELES — A California man is accused by police of poisoning a 7-day-old infant with arsenic, police said Thursday.“I know what he did to my child,” his mother, Nancy Haines, said of her son, Jonathan Hains.Police were called to a house in the 7200 block of S. Broadway in Lake Forest, about a half-hour […]

What to expect at the European Championships?

The European Championships take place from 12 to 18 July in Lyon.In the run-up to the event, I’ve been monitoring the latest in the battle for control of the sport.Here are some of the key storylines.First up, the new rules for the field and athletes.The rules for players are set to be revealed in a […]

How the ‘Elevation’ Franchise Is Becoming the Most Expensive Franchise in Major League Baseball [The American Conservative]

8,622,904 The Washington Post article title Elevation Church to Take Over Elevation Park from EPCOT article 6,829,816 The New York Times article title The Elevation Church: The Biggest Entertainment Franchise in the World, Now In a Place to Stay article 6,”Elevate Church,”1.“The movie is about a church that is going to take over the elevators […]

When the 711s go underground: Inside the elevator pitch for 711 in Tel Aviv

7 Eleven franchise has opened an elevator pitch to transform an abandoned Tel Aviv apartment block into a multi-level parking garage.The building, built in 2012 and located at a commercial area on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, has no elevator.Its owner, Ziva Group, hopes to turn it into a fully automated parking garage that will […]