The Indian Express has elevated Troponins Eleven and Seven Eleven franchises to eleven in its Eleven Costume collection, the magazine reported on Thursday.

The Eleven collection was launched in February 2017, and the line, which will be sold to the public from the end of June onwards, features nine masks and nine outfits for Eleven.

The Eleven costumes are made from organic materials, with the masks made from bamboo and the outfits from fabric.

The Eleven costumes have a range of styles from a modern-day frock to an old-fashioned dress.

One of the Eleven costumes is a white frock, with a black bodice and skirt, with sleeves that have a floral pattern and a bow on the sleeves.

The other Eleven costume is a black frock with a red bodice with a short skirt.

The eight-year-old mask, made by the Japanese company, is a mix of white and red.

The Eighteen-year mask is a modern look that is a blend of white, red and black.

The Seven Eleven costume, made from polyester, is made of a dark red.