On Monday, the National Hockey League Players’ Association issued a statement stating that “the players are not being treated as individuals in the workplace.”

In a statement, NHLPA executive director Don Fehr said the players have been receiving “a great deal of support” from the league’s medical team since the lockout ended in November.

“It’s been the best thing to happen to the players in a long time,” Fehr wrote.

The players’ union said it also “has been a source of inspiration and support” to the league and its players since the start of the lockout.

The NHLPA also urged the league to make an effort to help players who are diagnosed with cancer and to make the transition to life after hockey a more natural option.

“We have not been able to help the players transition to the next phase of their lives, including the next stage of their recovery,” the statement read.

“While the league is committed to ensuring that the players are cared for with the utmost care and compassion, we understand that the NFL players are now experiencing a situation where they are at risk of not being able to play in the next two seasons and to potentially miss the remainder of their careers.”