The most dangerous elevator in the world is open to business and residents, thanks to a $40 million US project to put it into service.

The elevator is the first in the US to be fitted with a digital elevator sensor and can measure how much force is applied by passengers, according to US news site Ars Technica.

The sensors are being used by the US Department of Transportation and US Air Force to assess the elevator’s lift capabilities, and the sensors will help determine the best way to safely lift passengers from the lift to the ground.

A company called LiftAway is working with the US Transportation Department to install the sensors at two of the four elevators that connect the US National Airport in Portland, Oregon, with the airport’s parking lot.

The elevators are designed to connect the airport to the US mainland and can lift up to 200 people at a time.

There are currently seven elevators in operation in the United States, all of which are connected to the airport.

All are powered by diesel and operate by diesel generators, and some are equipped with a remote control system to let people operate them remotely.

However, a few of them have been connected to a computer network and connected to power sources such as solar panels or battery-powered generators.

The US government is funding LiftAways work, and its a pilot project.

The airport, which is located in Oregon’s far western corner, has been closed since September.

The facility’s last scheduled maintenance was on March 24, 2019, according the airport website.