DENVER — The Colorado Avalanche are set to take on the Minnesota Wild on Saturday night at 7:30 p.m.

MT at the Pepsi Center in Denver, marking the first time the Wild will have a game at 7,300 feet above sea level.

In its first season in the Colorado Avalanche arena, the Wild are not expected to be competitive in this season’s game due to the altitude, but they are still going to need a few adjustments to their game plan.

In the first preseason game against the St. Louis Blues, Avalanche center Mikael Granlund suffered a lower-body injury.

After the game, head coach Patrick Roy said the team was still trying to get Granlund back in the lineup.

The Wild lost Granlund to the injury in the first period.

After the game against St. Lawrence, Roy said Granlund would be back at 7 p.k. on Saturday.

“Mikael will be back,” Roy said.

“We’ll try to get him in there and get him back in that groove.

He’s got some issues with the puck, he’s not in the best position, but we’ll see how it goes.”

The Avalanche play the Carolina Hurricanes at 7 a.m., the New York Islanders at 7 the next day and the Boston Bruins at 8 p.s.m..

On Friday, the Colorado State University women’s basketball team will play the New Jersey Devils at 7 pm at the Prudential Center.

The game is the second time the Colorado women’s team will be in attendance this season.

In terms of altitude, Roy says the Avalanche are comfortable playing at least 20 degrees lower than normal because of the snow, but it will take time for the Avalanche to adjust to the new altitude.

“I think it’s going to take some time to get used to,” Roy told reporters Friday.

“There’s going be a time when we’ll be playing at 15 or 16 degrees.

We’re going to see.

We’ll see.”

For the Wild, Roy expects the team to be ready to play.

“We’re prepared to go to the rink and play hockey,” Wild coach Mike Yeo said.

“[We’re] going to be a physical team.

We’ve got guys who can handle it, we’ve got some guys who are very good on the puck.

We know what we need to do and what we can do.”

The Wild played in the preseason last season against the Edmonton Oilers and lost to the Oilers 4-3 in the third period.

The Avalanche won the game 3-2.