Five days have passed since Cuscom Summit and we are here to share it with you.

I am not here to celebrate or even tell you that the summit has become a reality.

In fact, it was a bit of a mystery as to why it had not been achieved in the past. 

But, what is so special about Cuscon is that it has been the summit that has brought me together with the rest of the family. 

Cusco is a small mountain that has the potential to become a big mountain and it is in this moment that I decided to make it the first of the season. 

The summit, a mere 811 metres, was first climbed by Arjen Robben, the first German to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 1908.

The route is easy enough, but when the time comes for us to ascend the mountain, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

First, there is no rope, no harness, no crampons, just the sheer act of going down.

It is a little bit like riding a mountain bike, but much easier. 

Second, the summit is so small, there were no climbers at the time of the climb, so we were on our own. 

Third, we had to do this alone, but the summit was well marked with a small signboard that said “this summit is only accessible by foot”. 

The last part of the trip was an easy one.

We descended and went through a narrow and rocky corridor and then reached a small stone wall.

I did not think I would have difficulty with this. 

My feet were tired after an exhausting and long day of climbing.

I was worried that the snow would not fall when I came to the summit. 

However, it didn’t fall. 

We climbed over two and a half metres of the snow and there were very few places where the wind would pick up and make a little dust on the snow. 

There was no icefall and, since the summit itself was a smooth granite wall, there was no danger of any rocks breaking off and falling to the ground. 

I was really grateful that we did not have to worry about that on the summit, and we were rewarded for that. 

For this reason, when the weather turned bad, it is important to be careful not to get carried away. 

When we reached the summit in November, there would be a lot of talk about the fact that we should have done the whole trip on foot, and that we were going to need to get on the mountain and use the ropes.

This did not sit well with us and we decided to use a walker. 

While we were walking, the weather was very nice, and I could see the stars. 

As I was walking, I felt the weight of the world falling off me.

I felt like I was going to lose my footing.

I could not even see the path, and the wind made me sick. 

Then the wind picked up and the stars started coming out. 

It was at this moment, when I realised how fortunate I was to be here with the family, that I realised that it is not easy to live with the mountain in one day, and to have the family all around you and to be able to see the mountain. 

Finally, we reached Camp 4. 

On this day, the air is very nice and the sun shines down on us. 

This is one of the most magical moments of my life. 

After a short period of time in the mountains, we were back on the road. 

To the right is a signpost that shows where we are going.

It was at Camp 4, where I had been for four days and four nights. 

Once I arrived at the signpost, I knew I had reached the beginning of the day.

I had made a huge step forward. 

Camp 4 is where we start climbing. 

A very few people come to visit the summit every year. 

If you are on the same road as me, you will know that it will be very busy. 

At Camp 4 the sun sets and the clouds move across the sky, and there are clouds everywhere. 

Many people who are not mountain bikers and do not use ropes, are at the summit with us, and they have to do all the work of setting up a rope and getting down on the rope. 

Even though it is a very long walk, you do not have a lot to worry. 

You do not need to wear any crampon or harness. 

During the climb we do not see any people, and most of the people are not on the ascent. 

In the morning, there will be many people on the ridge waiting for us.

There are many people at the start and the rest wait for us in the evening. 

Sometimes we have to wait a bit longer to see what happens