Uber is trying to woo more than just the tech industry.

Uber wants to fill a growing need for transportation in California, where the state has the second-highest number of Uber drivers, and the company has already offered incentives to attract workers.

The company says it’s already seen a surge in the number of workers looking for jobs after the state passed a law allowing Uber to operate legally in California in November.

And it has plans to offer incentives to companies looking to hire workers in the state, including in the construction industry, among other sectors.

Uber’s pitch for California has been a series of calls to companies in California for help, including the company’s own recruitment site and a video where it showed off a number of incentives it offered to companies that hired drivers.

The campaign has been mostly successful, with more than 100 companies signing on.

Uber says it has also helped with hiring, as it has added more than 400 people to its workforce.

But it’s not the only company offering incentives.

Lyft recently announced that it would offer incentives for new drivers, including a free ride to work for the first 30 days.

And Google has also offered incentives, including free rides to companies hiring drivers in California.

Uber has faced criticism for its low wages, which critics say have been far too low compared with other industries, such as those in the financial services industry.

While Uber is hoping to hire 1 million drivers in the next two years, it hasn’t yet said exactly how many people it expects to employ in the coming years.

It’s also looking to expand in other states, including New York and Washington state, which could further expand its reach in the market.