7 Eleven franchise has opened an elevator pitch to transform an abandoned Tel Aviv apartment block into a multi-level parking garage.

The building, built in 2012 and located at a commercial area on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, has no elevator.

Its owner, Ziva Group, hopes to turn it into a fully automated parking garage that will be capable of accommodating up to 1,000 cars a day.

The company’s pitch is based on the concept of a vertical parking garage with a single floor, with a fully-loaded elevator, a fully accessible entrance, and an elevator to operate the elevator.

The company plans to make it the first parking garage in the country that will not require a car parking space.

The concept, called Elevated Planter Box, was inspired by the elevator pitches of 7 Eleven franchises in Israel, said Yaron Golan, the company’s CEO.

“We wanted to bring a new idea to the market,” he said.

7 Eleven has already received financing from the Israeli government and has set up a crowdfunding campaign for the project.

The idea has also received interest from other Israeli businesses, Golan said.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of this year, he said, adding that the elevator’s design is based upon the design of an elevator in the Israeli capital.

A full elevator will cost $400,000 and will have to be connected to the elevator network of the company.

The project is part of a larger plan to make the Tel Aviv area a major hub for the construction of new high-rise apartments, said Shlomi Weiss, the project manager for the Israel-Israel Economic and Industrial Development Authority.

A total of 10,000 apartments have been built in the city since 2009.

“There are many people in Tel.

Aviv that have been in this city for many years and have been waiting for the opportunity to come to the city,” Weiss said.

The idea for the elevator came after the company received a call from a potential buyer of the apartment.

The seller wanted to build an elevator that could accommodate a parking space of 10 to 15 cars, and he wanted to use an elevator as an extension of the garage.

The elevator, Weiss said, would not only provide the tenant with the necessary space, but also give him an extra option.

“The elevator is a solution to the problems of parking spaces and parking infrastructure in the area, in a parking garage,” he told The Jerusalem Report.

“It will not only give the tenant a lot of space for parking, but it will also enable him to take advantage of the city’s many new services.”