Flagstaff, Arizona – Flagstaff is an Arizona suburb, and it has been the scene of a lot of drama and controversy.

The city of about 13,000 people, home to a population of about 7,000, is known for its ski resorts, high-rise apartments and, of course, the elevation.

On the south side of Flagstaff sits a small town known for it’s fast-paced culture and a thriving ski industry.

But one of the town’s most famous landmarks has been called out by the owners of a lift in the city’s airport parking lot, who claim they’re being unfairly targeted by the high-flying company.

The issue is being brought up at a town hall meeting on Wednesday, with the owners’ representatives citing the high prices for the lift and its use of the Flagstaff City Flag as the cause.

“The city of Flagllas is a small city, but when they do these big lifts, we don’t get paid,” said Joe Wahlberg, president of the local Chamber of Commerce.

Wahlberg and other local leaders are calling on the Flagllan company to stop using the city flag and replace it with a logo that better represents the town.

He said it’s not about the price of the lift, but instead the image that the flag represents.

“If we don, we can’t have a logo of Flagland,” Wahlberger said.

The Flagstaff elevator is one of a number of lifts that the city of 8,000 has been using for years, with city employees using the lift for free to do work for local businesses.

It’s the same thing that happened when the city used the local flag to raise money for the local Salvation Army.

The owners of the airport parking garage claim they’ve been using the airport flag as a way to show their support for the community.

“It’s just a symbol of our community,” said owner David Odenkirk.

“And we think it’s great.”

Odenkir and his partners in the business have also been using a similar logo to raise funds for the city.

“We’re really just supporting the local businesses here,” he said.

But the city manager of Flaglla, Kevin Miller, said it appears the local owners are trying to use the city flags for a political purpose.

“I don’t know that it’s anything more than a political tactic by some of these people,” Miller said.

Miller said the owners are attempting to raise awareness of the issue with a campaign to make the logo more recognizable to locals.

“You know, they’re trying to make it look like Flagllans’ flag,” Miller told ABC News.

“That’s just not what we’re trying for.

We’re trying just to show that Flaglla is the same place that it is.”

Flagllas mayor said the city doesn’t support the flag raising campaign.

“That’s the issue here, and that’s why it’s important for the town to do what we do, which is raise awareness and raise funds,” said Mayor Joe Odenkamp.