Elevated labs are designed to give your dog a boost by allowing you to feed them the food they’re accustomed to and help them to stay hydrated.

You can choose to feed your dog from a fridge, microwave, or in a glass container, which gives your dog the freedom to enjoy what they’ve grown accustomed to.

And although the best option is to feed from the fridge, you can also feed your pet from a glass box.

The glass container will keep the food fresh for as long as your pet wants to keep it.

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7 eleven careers Elevated planters are a great way to feed more than just your dog.

They’re designed to hold up to 8kg of food in a container that’s easy to clean and easily access.

They also make a great container for pets that can’t easily handle large amounts of food.

They can be found at pet stores, online or at any pet store.

For example, PetSmart, Petco, Petland and Costco all carry a variety of planters to meet your needs.

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