RTÉ has been criticised for covering the Paris terror attacks in a way that did not support the victims, despite its own report stating it had not been accurate.

Speaking to RTÉ News on Tuesday, RTÉ Chief Executive Barry O’Sullivan said he had spoken to the head of the RTÉ board of directors and was also “deeply disturbed” by what he called RTÉ management’s failure to respond to RTI requests in the days leading up to the attacks.

“The board of RTÉ is of the view that there are significant concerns about RTÉ covering the events of July 15,” Mr O’Neill said.

“We have to make sure that those concerns are addressed, and it’s not appropriate for RTÉ to have covered events like this.”RTÉ News published a report on Monday night which found that the broadcaster had not accurately reported the number of casualties in the attacks, which killed 130 people and wounded more than 350.

Mr O’Neil said RTÉ had done its best to report the events as accurately as possible, but that the RTI system was a “slippery slope”.”RTÉ was not very good at reporting that it had received a call from the emergency services, which was quite significant,” he said.

“That call was not reported.

We did not hear from the public until a couple of days later, and then we received a further call from emergency services.””

So we should not have done a report that day.”

It was a difficult day, and a difficult time, for the board.

And we’ll have to live with that.

“The RTÉ newsroom has been flooded with requests from RTÉ fans who are desperate to hear what has been said about the Paris attack, which claimed more than 130 lives and injured more than 2,500.

The network has also been criticised by politicians who have said RTEs decision to not report on the attacks did not reflect the views of the public.”

I don’t think we should have been covering the attacks at all.

It was just an inaccurate and unbalanced story,” said Independent TD Mary Lou McDonald.”

We are not going to get on with the people of Ireland if we’re going to be the media mouthpiece for people who are suffering in the wake of these attacks.

“Mr O”Neill said the decision to cover the attacks had not gone down well with the public, with some viewers complaining about the lack of information they received about the attacks from RTE News.”

People who were not familiar with the story, and I’m sure that a lot of people were, they were concerned about the fact that they were not getting the whole story, that they weren’t getting the full picture,” he told RTÉ.”

They were not satisfied that there was enough information out there, and that was their problem.

“The Minister for Transport said he was confident that RTÉ would work with the RTD to ensure that its employees are held to account for their reporting.”

What we know from the RTT is that the way RTÉ operates, it’s always been a business,” he added.”

So it’s certainly not a business that has a problem with reporting the facts.