GMC’s Sierra Elevate has the highest elevation gain of any mountain bike trail in the world, with a maximum of 2,200 feet at its base.

But while the bike is an impressive accomplishment, it’s the ascent itself that really makes it unique.

The bike is built on a modified GMC XC-4 fork, with GMC Racing Engineering’s G2 suspension.

The fork is a standard GMC shock with adjustable geometry, with the option of a Shimano Tiagra shock.

The XC4 fork is built around the same geometry, but is a completely new one that adds more travel to the ride.

The frame also uses Shimano’s new XC5 crankset, which is lighter and more efficient than the G1 cranks.

It’s also lighter and stiffer than the XC3 cranksets.

The GMC suspension is also designed to be adjustable.

It features a pair of custom-designed shock towers and a shock absorber system that allows the rider to adjust the stiffness of the suspension.

It can also be changed to a custom-built suspension with a standard shock.

To get the most out of the bike, riders should use a longtail with a front brake.

The bike also has an optional shock mount, which can be mounted anywhere on the bike.

The shock mounts can be used with either the standard or custom-made suspension, and the shock absorbers can be set to either standard or super stiff.

The GMC Sierra Elevate is available now for $5,999 and is set to be released in May.