When it comes to football in Austin, it’s all about the 11.

When the team relocated to the new stadium in 2017, the team decided to change the logo to 11 and put it in the stands at home games.

This move has been a big success, with fans enjoying the 12th-themed home team jerseys for years.

In the last few years, the 11 has become a familiar logo for the team, with jerseys even sporting the 12 on the back of the jersey.

And with a new stadium being built in 2018, the Cowboys could soon get some more 11s.

This week, the Texas Football Hall of Fame announced that it has added the 11 to its induction list.

“The 11th logo represents the pride of the Cowboys, its commitment to the game of football and the fans who make it a tradition in our community,” said Ted Hartmann, Texas Football’s president and chief executive officer.

“It has always been a part of the program and a great place to play.

We are excited to add it to our induction list.”

The Texas Football History Museum’s website says that the 11-colored jersey was first worn by Texas in a 12-10 victory over TCU in 1966.

The Texas logo was also used for a couple of games in 1966 against Arkansas, with the team also wearing the 11 on its home uniform.

“Texas has always prided itself on having the best fans in the country and we look forward to seeing them again on Saturday,” Hartmann said.

“They have been loyal to the team for decades and we’re excited to see them again with their new stadium.

We look forward at this momentous occasion and seeing our fans on the field.”

For more information on the Texas 11, check out the Texas football Hall of Famer’s tribute video on the NFL Hall of fame website.

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