— KUOU, Mo., March 13, 2018 — While the Kansas Royals were able to reach an agreement with the San Jose Earthquakes over the next two years to play their home games at Toyota Field, the San Francisco 49ers were the first to reach out to the San Diego Chargers.

The two teams have long been linked and while it would be a stretch to call it a rivalry, the two franchises have had a rivalry for years and the Chiefs have been able to use it to build momentum and increase their fan base.

That is exactly what the Chargers hope to do with their new stadium.

San Diego is the team to beat in the Western Conference.

The Chargers are currently playing in Los Angeles, a city that has proven to be a strong home for the San Diegans team.

The Chargers are in a playoff spot and the Niners are a playoff team.

The 49ers have a chance to make the playoffs with a win over the Chargers.

This weekend, the 49ers will face the Chargers at 7 p.m.

PT in San Francisco.

They have the first game of the season on Saturday, Oct. 5.