A Minecraft fan has a simple idea for fixing water elevators in the game.

“They don’t work on lava,” says the user on Reddit.

“They don, however, work on dirt.”

The user, who goes by the handle M1laz, has been collecting water elevations for a long time, and has discovered that water elevating the player’s house while on lava is a problem.

“I found this in my old build I was working on,” he wrote.

“Water elevators only work on the top of the house.

So, the elevators don’t actually do anything but keep the players house from being flooded.

But, the water is being lifted out of the lava and the players water levels are going up, and that’s how they get flooded.

I think that’s what they’re doing.”

M1lax said he found the water elevator issue by accident when building his Minecraft house.

“The only way to fix the issue is to dig a hole into the ground.

Then, build an elevator down that hole,” he said.

“Then, use a bucket to lift the water from the bottom of the hole into your house.”

Mazzym1lazy1 also explained how he solved the issue.

“I have the following setup: The house is underground.

The water is rising.

You can put a water elevator down the hole.

It will lift the lava out of your house.

You then have to put the water down again, and this time the water level will go up.

If you want the water to go down, you have to go back up.”

The water is currently not working.

M1lozy said the issue was actually a result of a glitch.

“If you’re on lava, you will always get water at the bottom,” he explained.

“So, I set up a water shaft and placed water up there.”

The player’s water level is up.

Mazzzym 1lazy said he had to use a hatchet to remove the water and put it back in the hole, which is why the water elevator is not working anymore.

“But it’s a really simple fix, and it works for me,” he concluded.

Mzzylazy 1laz posted the fix on Reddit, and his post received more than 8,500 up votes.

“You can use this to lift lava or water from a hole, or to clear the water shaft if you want to,” he continued.

“Also, water elevates water, so, you can lift it to the top, and you can also lift it into your own water tank and fill it with water.

The trick is to make sure you can get the water in the first place, and then it will get into your water tank.

You’ll get water, and there will be water, which will be your water supply.”

Mzzzy1laze1, M1loz, and M1luz are still looking for a fix for the water issue, and have shared the workaround on their Reddit community page.

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