Boise Idaho (CNN) Idaho has had more elevation changes in the past decade than any other state.

Here are the states with more.

Idaho (population: 3,400,000) has had at least 25 inches of elevation change since 2000, more than any state except Montana, which has had 13.

The average elevation change has been 5.3 inches since 2000.

Idaho has also had the most severe weather since 2001.

In December 2017, the state experienced a snowstorm that dumped 20 to 30 inches of snow on the state, causing power outages and freezing rain.

The storm led to the cancellation of the Idaho Skiing Winter Games.

Idaho also has the most high mountain peaks in the country, according to the National Weather Service.

The state’s highest peak is 8,851 feet (2,842 meters).

Idaho has the highest elevation change for any state, according the National Climatic Data Center.

Alaska has the second highest change in elevation, with 5.8 inches, followed by California with 4.5 inches.

Alaska and California also have the highest mountain tops in the United States.