Elevated is a game about elevating your game to new heights.

You start out with a simple gamepad controller, a microphone, a set of headphones, and some simple instructions to start.

After you pick a difficulty level, you’re given the choice to start with one of four different ways to go about it: play on one of the three difficulty levels, play as a group, or play as yourself.

Each difficulty level has a different objective and a slightly different set of rewards for achieving it.

There’s no “perfect” path to success, but you can definitely get yourself going.

The first three levels are fairly straightforward.

It’s not difficult at all.

If you’re just starting out, you might not even need to play the first few levels at all, but if you’re a seasoned gamer, you’ll be surprised at how far you can go with the first level.

Elevated has three distinct “elevators” to start your game with.

They’re the “e” key, the “s” key and the “a” key.

The elevator with the “i” key will take you to the next elevator.

When you get to a level, the game will tell you the elevator’s location.

In this instance, you’ve chosen the “f” elevator to start at.

Elevators can be used to enter or exit the elevator, but they don’t open doors.

Once you’ve selected the “h” elevator, you can enter it.

Once inside, you go back and forth between the three elevators, all while holding down the “b” key to move forward or back.

The game’s controls are simple, but it does take some practice to make them comfortable.

It feels more natural to use the “d” and “a”, which is the “back” and the middle keys.

You’ll get five floors of elevators by playing the game.

You’ll also get a bonus level at the end of each floor, which gives you extra time.

You can skip the bonus floors by holding the “j” key at the very beginning of the level, and then you’ll have to wait another five floors to go up to the final floor.

Each floor has a set time limit and an objective.

The objectives vary, but the first two objectives are the same.

The last objective is different from the previous two, but is much easier.

You need to get to the exit from each floor by beating the objective for that floor.

If it’s a level you haven’t played yet, it’ll be much easier to get through it if you play on the first floor.

You won’t be able to play on a difficulty if you haven’ reached the last level yet.

The first time you enter the elevator will take place at the beginning of a new level.

The game features a variety of items, including weapons, potions, and more.

Most of the weapons are only useful for one level at a time.

The weapons also vary in their abilities and how you use them.

The only item you can carry is a bucket full of sand and a rope.

When climbing up to a new floor, you need to collect sand and rope.

This means you’ll need to be very careful when using these items.

You also get different colored lights that represent different areas of the game, as well as different levels of the same floor.

It looks good, but there’s a lot of detail that can get lost if you only look at the map.

There are no cutscenes, and you’ll never get a glimpse of the characters you’re in control of.

I did have to stop the game a few times when the game started to play, as I was trying to get a better look at some of the enemies and enemies of interest.

There is no cutscene, but I did miss a scene from the last two levels.

There isn’t much else to say about Elevated, other than that it’s one of my favorite games on the Nintendo Switch.