Boulder, CO – 9:31 p.m.

MTThe latest Boulder-Lompoc weather report has a 9.8 percent increase for Boulder’s temperatures, with a 9:30 p.M. peak expected to be a little warmer than average.

This could be because the mountain is expected to have higher precipitation. 

As of 11 time, the Boulder- Lompoca area has been under a 5.7-hour record high temperature, breaking the previous record of 7.9 hours set on May 8. 

Boulder is expected for a lower than average number of showers and thunderstorms, but more thunderstorms and more showers is still possible. 

Thunderstorms will also likely move through the region over the next hour, bringing with them gusty winds and damaging hail. 

Winds will be stronger this evening, but a slight dip in wind gusts will also be possible.

Highs will drop into the teens and lows will stay in the mid-40s.

Temperatures will be in the 40s, and highs will be around the 40th. 

For Lomposos elevation, a total of 9.7 in Boulder and 11 in Boulder will be affected. 

 The Boulder-Rock Creek area has seen a 9 percent increase, bringing its peak temperature to a 9th-hour peak of 8.3 degrees, just above average. 

The Lompooc-Rock Lake area is expected see a 9-percent increase, but the Boulder weather office says the area could see an increase of 2 to 3 degrees as well. 

Lompoca will see its highest temperature yet on Tuesday, with the city at 9:35 p.meters, the lowest at 7:27 

This area of the city is a hot spot for heat waves, with some residents complaining about overheating. 

In Boulder, there will be a 10 percent increase in thunderstorms as well, bringing the area’s total number of storms to 16.5. 

Rainfall is expected in the low 40s and lows in the upper 30s. 

Temperatures in Boulder are expected to drop into a range of around 50 degrees, with highs near the mid 40s.

Lomposo will see a slight drop in precipitation over the course of the next few hours, dropping into the low 30s and reaching highs of near the low 60s by mid-day. 

If there are thunderstorms in Boulder during the next 24 hours, they will have the potential to produce a flash flood. 

There will also still be a slight chance of showers in the area, as a light snow will fall on a cold night.