The Colorado Rockies, known for its famous “Eagle’s Nest” parking lot, have just announced the new heights of their new ballpark at Mile High Stadium.

The stadium, slated to open next year, will boast an elevation of 711 feet.

The top of the tower is expected to be the tallest structure in the world, surpassing the iconic Great Pyramid of Giza, at 531 feet, according to a statement from the team.

The announcement comes as the Rockies, whose team-owned stadiums are among the tallest in Major League Baseball, are in the midst of a historic rebuilding project that includes new parking garages, new concessions, and a new scoreboard.

The ballpark, which will be built out of mixed-use materials and features new bleachers and suites for fans, is the first new ballpark in the Rockies’ history.

The team’s current ballpark in downtown Denver was built in 1963.

The Rockies opened their new home at Mile in 2005.

The Rockies, who have been struggling to attract fans to their games since the end of the Colorado Rockies’ historic 2002 World Series run, had previously announced that the stadium would have to be raised from the original 711-foot height.

The new height was initially planned to be announced in March.

The new heights will be part of a $1.7 billion expansion of the stadium, which was approved by the city of Denver last year.

The Denver Post reports that the Rockies also have plans to move the Colorado National Guard’s stadium from its current location on the stadium grounds to its new location in a nearby industrial park.