How to Watch: How to watch the Super Bowl with the Supercell T-Wave Trainer

In case you’re unfamiliar with Supercell’s T-wave Trainer, it’s a smart way to use a wireless Bluetooth device in your car, and it has the potential to revolutionize how you use your phone.While it can be used to watch movies, music, and other videos, it also has the ability to track your whereabouts on the […]

When a woman gets a new job, she’s more likely to be sexually harassed and harassed again

The new jobs for the women in the elevator at the top of the 14th floor of the New York Stock Exchange have a lot in common: They’re the ones that don’t have to worry about getting groped by other people or have a stranger tell them off for being “too quiet.”That’s according to a […]

Which is the tallest building in Colorado?

The Colorado Rockies, known for its famous “Eagle’s Nest” parking lot, have just announced the new heights of their new ballpark at Mile High Stadium.The stadium, slated to open next year, will boast an elevation of 711 feet.The top of the tower is expected to be the tallest structure in the world, surpassing the iconic […]

How to Make the Best Cat Bowls in Colorado

Colorado has an elevated platelets count, a condition that causes cat bowls to contain higher levels of red blood cells.The cat bowl craze in Colorado began in 2015 and has been increasing in popularity over the past two years.In addition to cat bowls, a number of cat bowls and cat food companies have been selling […]

When is Machu Picchu Elevated?

The mountain of ancient ruins at Machu can be seen in the distance.A couple of hours north of the capital of Huayna, in the state of Chiapas, sits Machu, where the ancient Mayan city of Machu was founded in 1216. “The Machu is a volcano, so it’s an earthquake zone.And the Machu sits on a fault […]

How to Make a $250,000 Beauty Bar and Make a Big Splash

By now you’ve probably heard about the $250 million investment in the new Beauty Bar, which opened at the New York Fashion Week last week. Beauty Bar is the latest in a line of luxury beauty brands, all of which are trying to bring their brands to a mass audience. One of the biggest selling points for […]

How to eat a burger at elevation in Adelaide

Posted November 15, 2018 10:05:52 There’s a new burger trend in Adelaide, and it’s one you might not have even considered before.It’s called elevation burger.In the last five years, the Adelaide burger market has doubled from a mere 300 burgers sold to around 1,000.The popularity of the burger trend has caused a number of chains […]

How to increase your monocyte count

What’s the best way to increase my monocyte counts?I’ll tell you how!And what can I do to increase the number of monocytes in my body?Well, I’ll show you how to increase monocyte number in your body.Monocytes, the tiny red and green cells that are responsible for most of the immune system, are crucial to the […]

How to get the most elevation in the most places

How to maximize elevation gain from your next trip to the mountains?This article is the second in a series on elevations, which are not just how much elevation you can gain, but also the elevation at which you need to reach it to maximize your gain.If you are looking for a way to maximize the […]

What We Think Of: Nine Eleven outfits in Eleven outfits

What do you think of Eleven outfits?Do you agree with the outfit’s choice of color, or would you prefer Eleven outfits with more varied options?Let us know in the comments below!